Nov 23 2014

Holding yourself to YOUR right & wrongs

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

I’m sharing this story today because I think there is a value learning here for all of us – of what we can hold ourselves to, and in doing so, creating better awareness and feel good environments. My son turned ten last week. He came home from school today in typical afterschool spirit. 15 minutes

Nov 16 2014

Two Foundational Networking Tips

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

I’ve heard a number of times that the number one fear of people is public speaking, with the number two being death. YOWser. I clump networking with public speaking. Why? For a gal who facilitates as frequently as I do, I find the putting yourself out there feeling before a session facilitation similar to the

Nov 2 2014

I picture you in your underpants.

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals, Self Help

20+ years ago I was ‘starting out’ in the corporate presentation world. Different courses I was sent to would share tips & tricks on how to get comfortable with this. *Worth noting – public speaking is the #1 fear of people. #2 is death. People would literally prefer to be in the coffin than saying