Aug 30 2015

To Feel Confident

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Confidence. What does it feel like for you? I’m not asking for a definition. What I am asking of you, and myself, is to think about a past experience when you just ‘owned’ the _______. That blank may be things like an idea, the room, a presentation, the race, the play of the game, etc.

Aug 24 2015

Struggle is an Opportunity

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals, Self Help

I just finished reading The Confidence Code by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman. A book I would recommend to anyone who a) has a daughter b) wants a better understanding of what/ how makes confidence development different for the genders c) wants insight on what the heck confidence is about and how to improve your

Aug 10 2015


posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

So there are a couple words I’ve pulled from my vocabulary options because they don’t fit for me. Theses words include: Stupid – it has a terrible recess schoolyard sting to it Hate –How terrible does it need to be to thoroughly feel hate for something or someone?! and the word Busy. Busy is a

Aug 3 2015

Civic Holiday – Bring the Fun!

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Hi Blog Readers! Last Monday you received a blog from me talking about bringing fun to your everyday. Well – today, a Civic holiday where I live, is an EXTRA reason to make FUN happen ;0). So, get out there and get some! WaHOOOOO! xo