Aug 21 2016

The Tragically Hip: Values from their Playbook

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals

The Tragically Hip Passionate   Depth   Committed   Thought Provoking   Courageous   Consistent   Creative   Partners   Integrity   Humility   Authenticity   Risk Takers   Role Models   I am a fortunate Canadian who went to The Hip concert Tuesday in Hamilton. I was glad to be there. Tuesday oddly, didn’t

Aug 14 2016

FALSE Limitations

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

A friend of mine was born with three fingers +1 thumb on each hand versus the typical four, missing some of the bones needed to allow his hands to be fully functioning. Through childhood he went through a series of operations, working to get him to optimal hand usage. After the final operation the Doctor

Aug 8 2016

Introduce Yourself In A Meaningful Way

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

 This business communication skill is extremely powerful when you introduce yourself. Making an impression is important when meeting people for the first time yet introductions shouldn’t be stressful. Being able to be honest and share things that are unique and insightful about yourself provide people with a way of relating to you and trusting who you

Aug 7 2016

Leadership Tip: Feelings, Part 2

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

July 25th I shared a blog on feelings and offered a “part two”. I had a number of emails asking for more exploration on the topic, so here we are :0)   Tony Robbins said “We do way more to avoid pain than to achieve pleasure.” Take a minute to consider that. Silly us. Yet