Dec 27 2016

Mental Toughness- “Want a bite of my Elephant?”

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Today I’m offering you 6 Secrets of Mental Toughness, a GREAT article with shared insight from Charles Chu.  Why – because from my experience, this is where we often fail, me included.  And with it being SO CLOSE to December 31st and some of you being New Year’s Resolution creators, I thought this may encourage

Dec 22 2016

The holidays….

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

Holiday time offers us lots. Some see/feel: -stress -obligation -over spending -over eating   Some see/feel: -making those you care most about, know they are your priority -taking care of self by being clear on what you want the holidays to be for YOU. -showing gratitude -enjoying quality moments   You’ve got a couple days

Dec 13 2016

(Head)Space Gremlins

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

I was at Apple yesterday.  I take full advantage of their tech support team and yesterday was about storage space.   Murray, my Tech Support He-man shared with me that with the use of an app called Space Gremlin, for a mere $6.99, I will be easily directed through how to clean up my hard