Apr 30 2019

We all need to PLULK!

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

I got back from Mexico late Sunday night, a terrific four-day getaway with some girlfriends.  Typically, on a beach vacation I start the day with a run along the shore line.  I also love to have a couple beach walks a day.   Walking the beach with my friends Friday morning – when we saw

Apr 16 2019

A Lead with Your Values Tip from Michelle Obama

posted by Nancy Milton in Living Fundamentals, Self Help

As I shared in my last blog, I’ve been reading Michelle Obama’s book Becoming. In the Becoming Us section of the book (page 226) Michelle is reflecting on Barack’s consideration of running for President of the United States.  While sifting through this in her mind, she asks herself three questions of her 17-year relationship with Barack.

Apr 2 2019

A Tip I learned from Michelle Obama on Handling Tough Conversations

posted by Nancy Milton in Self Help

I just finished reading Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming.  I appreciated how open she was with her life experiences, including how she initially would view a situation and then in reflection, comment from another source or a shared perspective, how she could filter, pivot and learn within the situation. A raw honesty and vulnerability that, in my