“What makes us valuable and worthy is not the quantity of what we’ve done. It’s how we show up and who we are, while choosing what we do.”


What I do:

I believe business communication skills improve our work and our lives. I channel this belief into my job as an accredited personal and executive coach, but also as speaker to corporate groups and facilitator of workshops. And I get results: I have built my business on referrals from satisfied clients.

Facilitation and Speaking

Executives, managers and team members can unknowingly communicate in ways that create conflict instead of progress. I lead sessions on Intentional Communication to help people become immediately more effective at listening, asking, confirming, acknowledging, and curiosity, thereby developing useful, skillful responses. This next-level communication is a powerful tool for connecting teams, increasing employee engagement, boosting productivity and netting outcomes that last. I’ve received more than 100 heartfelt thank-you messages telling me how my sessions are the best facilitation some of my clients have ever received and that my leadership coaching has profoundly changed their lives.


I also work one-on-one with successful people to set goals that will allow them to live the lives they want. My coaching provides a fresh perspective, unparalleled support and motivation, and self-accountability. I enhance leadership skills and improve communication fundamentals. My direct focus on emotional intelligence means that you will improve your team and yourself. I can show how all goals are within reach–and how to reach them.

Who I am:

I’m not afraid to challenge beliefs and habits, but I also know how to reinforce best practices. It’s easy for people to connect with me and hear what I have to say about my passion for teaching speaking skills and communication. I’m bold and brave, yet empathetic and vulnerable.

I also care about community and volunteering my time to help others, personally raising over $100,000 for cancer research. I’m also goal focused: I’ve run one full marathon, 16 half marathons and have now moved on to tennis, golf and kayaking. I lead my career and my life by my values and am, above all, committed to providing my two sons the best childhood possible while raising them to be happy, engaging, responsible adults. 

What clients are saying about Nancy

" I’ve participated in several coaching programs, and as such I had my defenses up and was reserved. After session one Nancy had connected with me and gave me more than any other course has offered, a place where I could truly be myself and bring me. In doing so this has been the most impactful program I have experienced. Nancy, thank you for being you and helping me to be me."

profile picture of colin
Colin McMichael-Bilodeau
Investment Advisor at BMO Nesbitt Burns
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" I have had the pleasure of working with Nancy one on one and in group sessions and highly recommend her to any organization or individual looking to hone in and overcome the obstacles that may be inhibiting their success. Nancy is one of the most intuitive people I have met. Nancy has a no nonsense approach and is willing to call you out when you are being less than your best self. During group sessions you can feel the energy build in a room and see the lights going on as she uses real life examples to bring the lessons home. If you have a chance to work with Nancy jump all over it!"

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Jason Donkersgoed
DVP, Manulife
CWT company

"Nancy has mastered the ability to deliver against stated learning objectives, while at the same time effectively adapting to the tone and tempo that evolves through the session. Her passion, wisdom, life experience and enthusiasm have allowed her to draw out life values and a commitment to action which has made a great difference for me on the one on one coaching level. I feel privileged to know and work with Nancy."

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Patricia Quance
Global HR Business Partner
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
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"Nancy was my facilitator as part of a leadership course that will forever change my life. Her coaching skills are fantastic - she understands who you are as a person and works with you to bring your true self forward every day. Nancy is friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and everything you need as part of a coach."

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Christine Spreitzer
Mechanical Engineer, Stantec
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"Since our first session, I have seen a dramatic difference in the way people connect with me. Nancy has shown me the importance of taking the time to understand what someone wants to get out of a conversation and a new found confidence in myself."

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Zach Rosen
VP Sales at Synergy Marketing

"I asked her to coach me and my client for presentation skills before a world conference presentation and also I invited her to do a workshop in women leaders in our office. Both were great."

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Gelare Danaie
Designer/Manager, Stantec