Jun 16 2020

Tips for Communicating when “someone just doesn’t get it”

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

When some doesn’t “get it” whose fault is it? Is it person A for not understanding OR person B for how they are explaining it?   How about instead of fault, we figure out our role in improving the situation. Here are a couple questions you can ask yourself through the process.   What’s more

Jun 10 2020

7 Time Effectiveness Tips

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills

This past week a client asked me for some tips on Time Blocking. After writing the email, realized it was worth sharing because it might help others out right now. Time blocking: Tip 1 – my learning is that we are either sprinters or marathoners. Marathoners have the ability to comfortable focus for long stretches

May 19 2020

Important Conversations

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals, Self Help

Take a moment to consider what have been some of the most important conversations of your life.   Who were they with?   What were they about?   How did you behave during  the conversations because they were important?   Reflecting on your answers, what’s here for you to play with?   Last night I