Yes – I ‘m laughing with this one.
I’m 42 years old. For the first 10ish years of my life I clearly remember wearing white knee-high socks, regardless of what outfit or shoe I was wearing. Officially I am not sure when I switched over to black socks yet it’s all I’ve ever done since. Everyday. And to make it every more dull, I buy my black socks at the same time – about 10 pairs of them every 2ish years – so when I do the laundry the match-the-sock game can be done blindfolded.

There was a time in middle school that I remembering scowling when given a pair of ‘goofy’ socks for my birthday. A girlfriend in high school was a patterned sock girl and I had to turn a blind eye to it lol.

Yesterday was my black sock shop day and while combing the aisles for the perfect weight & elastic top blend, I came across a single pair of striped socks. I literally have no idea what happened to me yet I bought them. Better yet, I put them on today. I put them on, looked down, and giggled. And as I sit now with my shoes off on the airplane writing this I have repeatedly looked down amused at my new look.

The purpose for my sock story sharing: we can get stuck in our own boxes, boxes that have been created for us, by us. These boxes can be tiny like my silly black sock scenario or big like “I will never comfortably speak to a group of people”. I didn’t know I had put myself in a black socks box until I looked through a different lens to see myself. And lucky me because if it’s a simple as a pair of socks to keep me feeling like a risk taker lol, “BRING IT ON!”.

My challenge for you this week is to consider all the stuff you do day in/day out. Explore things like:
• the day to day functioning stuff
• the how you do things
• the way you handle situations
• the way you communicate/don’t communicate your wants/feelings/perspective
• the inner voice critique that keeps repeating the same nonsense over and over

What are you doing or repeating ‘just because’? And what would switching it up bring to you day/ week/ life?

I’m telling you, switch your socks.
We’re worth it .