With the March 2020 COVID-19 outbreak in Canada, we continue to transition from what was once day-to-day mainstream, to multi levels of uncertainty; while continuing to work, run our homes, and live our lives.  The stresses of these changes and coping mechanisms differ from person to person. I’ve been explaining as “although COVID is global, it’s a very individual experience.”

Back in March when everything “hit hard”, I provided 8 free COVID coaching sessions a week.  This was supporting clients I have partnerships with and people I’ve never met before.  I also ran 10 free virtual webinars to support people through the “figuring virtual out” while I mastered the platforms out myself.  And below you’ll see some useful resources to support you too.

It’s now June.  We are beginning to see businesses open in phases. There is much to consider at a series of levels: individual/family/ work teams/ organization/ communities.  My skill strengths are leadership, coaching and communication. What does this mean to you?  As you are figuring out any of the levels I just mentioned above, I can support the process, how to have conversations, how to lead through it while maintaining + growing trust, etc.  The list goes on.  If you want to be an 8/10 in leading and communicating through this, and you’re not (yet),  reach out through the contact page, and request a time slot for our introduction. Glad to join your village.

Warmly, Nance xo

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Applying the Change Process Through COVID-19

COVID-19 WFH (Work From Home) Resources