So there are a couple words I’ve pulled from my vocabulary options because they don’t fit for me. Theses words include:
Stupid – it has a terrible recess schoolyard sting to it
Hate –How terrible does it need to be to thoroughly feel hate for something or someone?!
and the word Busy.

Busy is a choice.

And busy is not my choice.

I pulled this word and the context of the word from my life (as an option for myself) 2+ years ago.

In my opinion people often use it as an excuse or cover up for not prioritizing differently. I also think people throw it around as an ‘easy out’.

Friday afternoon my boys and I scooted (okay, I walked) to the beach. While there we ran into someone that I met 20 years ago through a mutual friend. I asked her if she had seen the connector friend and she starts with the busy stuff. “Oh no, it’s been a while. She’s so busy with her house stuff and I’m so busy with the kids and the” blah blah blah.

I deleted the word busy from my life because it’s not how I lead my life. I, everyday, get to chose what I do in my day and who I’ll be in my day. Do I sometimes have to focus to get through a lot of tasks? Absolutely. Yet to me, that’s not busy. That’s a purposeful, pull lots off type of day.

You get to chose how you use your time.
You get to chose your perspective every day.
You get to chose (and have control of) your every thought.

Busy suggests other wise.
For me, busy creates a visual of a person carrying enough miscellaneous items to fill a grocery cart while talking on the phone, running a meeting and eating a sandwich (with mustard dripping down their chin).
Busy to me suggests ideas like:
“Ahhhh – I’m losing it”
“It’s no longer my life”
“I’m doing what I should be doing (versus enjoying what I’m doing)”.
“It’s not a priority for me so I’m just going to say it’s been a really busy time”

It’s your life.
It’s your vocabulary.
It’s how you present yourself.

Your choice.

Go own your day! xo