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Leadership skills are vital to an organization’s productivity and employee engagement levels.

A 2016 Gallup survey found that 82 percent of managers are ineffective at leading people and a 2019 Gartner survey of 2,800 business leaders shared that only 50 percent of leaders believe they are “well-equipped to lead their organization into the future.” This is outrageous! Put another way, 82 percent of leaders aren’t leading (aka doing their jobs) and yet are still holding their position in companies like yours.

Study after study confirms the main reason employees quit: their relationship with their manager. Poor manager-employee relationships cost your organization in high turnover, low morale, substandard performance and reduced productivity, which affects your bottom line and your customer’s experience and opinion of your brand. Providing training for leaders with a on-going skill development and feedback + measurement plan would play a massive role in  alleviating this issue.

What’s the typical leader’s area of opportunity? Poor communication skills. It’s mostly unintentional, but creates enough conflict and tension to stall even the most smart, talented and experienced teams.  Knowing how to ask for help, give feedback and have tough conversations in a way that builds confidence, trust and understanding is both an art and a skill. Sharing this skill with others is Nancy’s passion – and clearly she facilitates it with mastery based on her client testimonials and results. Companies call Nancy when their teams are stalling. They call when they realize that good communication — a performance skill long undervalued by corporations — is actually essential to corporate success.

Nancy runs highly interactive sessions customized to each company’s learning objectives. Employees are engaged from start to finish because, for 75 percent of the session, they are practicing a variety of communication training for leaders and improving skills in hands-on exercises. Every person in the room walks away with an action plan for immediate application.

Many facilitators can deliver content. Nancy lives and breathes what she teaches. Her expertise, enthusiasm and conviction help people to witness what living your values looks like in leading a group to a goal. Once people start using what they’ve learned in their interactions at work and at home, they see immediate positive changes and they’re hooked.

When your company is ready for real change and lasting success, Nance is the leader to connect with.

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