Nate wore this look for 2 weeks straight
Nate wore this look for 2 weeks straight

Thursday night I asked my 10 year old son, “What’s great about you?”

The second thing on his list was ‘I am good at life’.


I feel I could finish the blog here, with some call you forth question like – “How are  you boldly owning being great?”



Yet there’s more :0)


I asked Nate to describe what ‘I am good at life’ means and he began to detail specific actions and things he says he does with and for other people.

I then asked him How are good at life for yourself?’ and what I loved is that he listed the same things that he did for other people as things he does for himself.


I work with people to make themselves a bigger priority in their own life all the time. And here’s my kid doing it already, and owning it.

Love it!


The reason I share this with you: Nate is not the only 10-year living this way. In actuality between 4-6 years of age most of us were ‘good at life’ in a similar way as Nate.


I get that you now have a whole collection of roles you play in this life of yours (partner, parent, boss, friend, employee, caretaker, etc), have lots of stuff to do and people/things that count on you. Imagine how applying Nate’s approach to everything on your list could impact…everything on your list. And then imagine how it could impact you.


So you’re not going back to age 10. You are here now, at your age, with x amount of years ahead of you. What’s your tag line? What are you bringing back from your pre-teen years that would serve you well?


“I am good at life”. May Nate keep this at the core of his being. :0)