Take a moment to consider what have been some of the most important conversations of your life.


Who were they with?


What were they about?


How did you behave during  the conversations because they were important?


Reflecting on your answers, what’s here for you to play with?


Last night I had an important conversation with my son. He asked to speak to me about something that was hurting him inside.

I was 100% focused on the moment we were sharing.

What we spoke about connected both of us to a family value of ours and I could feel that between us.

I was calm.

I was centered.

I was the mom he deserves :0)

I was the mom I love BEing.


Important conversations can bring out the best of us.

I suggested you consider some of the more important conversations you’ve had in your life so you can reflect on who you are or were in those moments. A couple examples are:

Telling someone you love them

Sharing tragic news with a friend

Laying-off an employee due to restructuring


How does the important conversation you differ from the day-to-day conversation you?

Better question perhaps is – what would happen if you brought the important conversation you to more of your conversations.

Give it a shot.  Today is waiting for you xo