Darn it people, fear is what you make it to be.
You get to decide.

How much fear do you want?
How long do you want to carry it around for – in your head, in your heart &/or physically creating it to create havoc in your body, sleep patterns etc.

Fear can stop us from
doing new things,
tasting new foods,
going on new adventures,
reaching out to someone new,
having fun,
experiencing life,
living our full life.

If fear was a person, I would move my chair versus having to sit beside them at a wedding lol!

YET many of us welcome fear into our lives! We feed it, cultivate it, share it with others, build it and hold on tight to it.

How is this making sense for you?!

One of the few things we get to control in our lives is our thought.
My guess is that you’ve done a good (ok – BRILLIANT) job of letting fear in. So you can, if you wish, change this pattern.

Fear can be: debilitating, soul sucking, party pooper-like
Fear can be a feeling you get in your tummy, like a cookoo flutter that you can acknowledge with a “WOW, this is big. This is pushing me comfort zone wise AND it matters to me. Use this flutter as energy for the push you need to start/ take first step”
Fear can be: “False Evidence Appearing Real”
Fear can be: “Forgetting Every Available Resource” *this acronym was introduced to me by Kelly A Turner, author of Radical Remission when she quoted Patti Conklin, Ph.D..
Fear can be: _____________________________________________.

For me, in the moment, fear can stop me from BEing my best self.
Fear can trip me up by blocking my heart from leading my decisions.
Fear can limit my life choices, in a life that I love choice.

What’s fear giving you?
What’s fear taking away?
And what’s it going to take for you to change this for yourself.