We are four months into working virtually.

As we all know, even though we’ve been doing it for 16 weeks, it doesn’t mean we are masters at it (yet) lol!


The purpose of this blog is to share three fundamental virtual tips so that you can improve your virtual presence, literally, today.



When COVID restrictions began in March, I attended 2-4 virtual webinars a day.


For over two weeks.

Imagine my observer notes.

Since April I’ve virtually facilitated 19 sessions.

You get paid to be on the screen for meeting.

I get paid only when I do it well.


These three short videos will help you tweak what I continue to see people not doing as well as they could be, daily.

Virtual Tip #1 – Creating Eye Contact 

Virtual Tip #2 – Personal Space 

Virtual Tip #3 – Lighting

And here’s the link to my Virtual page if you want to see move Virtual Tips videos.

Yours to share with anyone in your work/life who is looking to have better virtual connections.

Happy Wednesday!