I once heard a speaker joke “What’s the last thing you touch before bed and the first thing you touch when you wake up?”. The most common answer….your smartphone. My question for you: What’s this doing to the person lying beside you? What’s it doing to you?



A friend of mine sent me this video a couple days ago. It’s a Ted Talk with Sherry Turkle and I highly recommend it to you, to give you a shake on the impact technology CAN have on your own life and society as a whole.


I challenge you to watch the video, then write out your responses to these questions:


What did you hear in the video that hit home for you?


What scares you the most about what Sherry pointed out?


Summarize how technology is adding efficiency and effectiveness to your day/week.


Based on the above answer, I encourage you to keep using technology for that/those reasons.


Reflecting on Sherry’s talk, how are you allowing technology impacting your personal relations (at work, home, friendships, etc)?


If you were in a crisis (tragic accident, sick family member) or huge triumph (birth of a child, massive win at work, been told you were cancer free) what specific qualities would you want to have expressed from the people you shared this news with?


List your top 5 life values.


With the above list of qualities and values, reflecting on what it important you, how will you adjust how/when/where you will use technology versus other ways of communication.


Few of my Facebook friends would miss my posts when I’m dead. For me, it’s the live connections that I’m making that I want to cause a stir with. So…how are you causing that stir?


Technology – make it work for you. xo