You are receiving this on our Thanksgiving Monday in Canada – and this is where we – you & I – are going to play today.

A couple years ago I “stepped up” my gratitude. I start my day sharing what I feel thanks for, out loud. – either to my boys, the universe or anyone who is jogging by me if I’m doing it on my run! My written signature is always pre-empted with “with gratitude”. People who do jobs that no one wants to do, like clean toilets in public stalls, or dirty meal trays in a food court – I will stop, acknowledge them by name and look them in the eye with a genuine, Thank you.

Gratitude. It’s huge. Giving it, I have now learned, gives me so much. It’s a wonderful cyclical affect.

How are you making gratitude a priority in your life?
Scale of 1 -10, how is it fueling you?
How does it link to your values?

Maybe the better question is
What’s the gap in your life because you are not?

This Thanksgiving Monday I give you these questions to consider for yourself. At our Thanksgiving dinner my family will go around the table to share what we each have gratitude for. I offer to you to consider doing this too and even sharing what you do in the next year that will take this to the next level.

215 this year!
215 this year!

Lastly, my boys and I go door-to-door a week before Thanksgiving, collecting non-perishable food items for a local food bank. This year a school friend joined in as well and within 2 hours we collected over 215 items. What I love about this tradition the boys and I share, is that when you ask the boys why we do it, their response is “by helping others, it’s a way we can show thanks.”.

Your turn:
Give thanks.
Acknowledge thanks.
Show thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With love & gratitude
Nance xo